EEI, 90 years of building a better future for the next generation

Date Published: November 19, 2021


MANILA, Philippines — In a world where companies come and go, only a few stood the test of time. One such company is the EEI Corporation (EEI), which marks this year its 90th anniversary.

Founded in 1931 as a machinery and mills supply house called Engineering Equipment and Supply Co. (EESCO), EEI soon expanded its operations to steel fabrication, metal works, general machine work and other services.

As the years progressed, the company dipped its fingers in other fields such as power development, construction, machinery and foundry.

In the turbulent ‘70s, the company established an overseas division that paved the way for collaborations with foreign companies from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

It eventually provided overseas construction services to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, New Caledonia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. These collaboration projects mostly involved the construction of powerplants, petroleum refineries, and industrial installations.

For many of these projects, EEI deployed thousands of Filipino workers.

In 1983, EEI built the Mina Abdullah Refinery in Kuwait. The project employed over 8,500 personnel.

EEI was the Philippine company that helped the global engineering company, Bechtel, to snuff out fire in burning oil wells in Kuwait in 1991. 

Another project in the Middle East that marked EEI as a reliable construction company is its joint venture with engineering and construction giant Al-Rushaid Petroleum Investment Group of Companies of Saudi Arabia.

These partnerships with foreign companies helped cement the country, and most especially EEI, as the top choice for construction and contracting needs. In turn, the joint efforts benefited the country and boost economic development.

Changing the Philippine landscape one project at a time

Today, EEI is one of the leading construction companies in the Philippines.

Apart from aiding in the country’s economy, EEI participated in shaping the Philippine landscape through numerous industrial, infrastructure, realty and property projects.

Industrial projects

Thanks to its extensive experience overseas, EEI developed superior capabilities in the construction of industrial facilities. It provided a broad range of services to multinational and local manufacturing companies.

The more recent projects include the rehabilitation of the Alaska milk powder and condensed milk plant, the construction of the Semicon Manufacturing Plant for Humantech Korea Philippines Corp. (HKPC-PSPC) in Pampanga, the design and construction of the Jollibee commissary in Laguna, the construction of the Maibarara Geothermal Power Plant, the JG Summit naphtha cracker plant, and PHIVIDEC’s coal-fired power plant, to name a few.


Infrastructure is the foundation of a country’s economy. Roads, bridges, ports and railways serve as gateways to the world, while irrigation and distribution systems, and power generation are vital towards any country’s development and progress.

As the Philippines continues to revel in its economic growth, EEI became a major player in the construction and development of some of the country’s vital infrastructure.

These include the MRT Guadalupe Bridge, NAIA NAIA Expressway, and the Caulaman, Layac and Gumain Bridge, a series of bridges constructed along the Subic-Clark Tarlac Expressway.

Property development

EEI is also first in mind when it comes to the construction of high-rise residential and office buildings; commercial developments; educational, medical and government institutions; and factories.

Among its towering achievements are: the St. Francis Shangri-la Place Towers, Admiral Bay Suites, The Grand Hyatt, Uptown Mall and Uptown Place, RCBC Plaza Towers, and the SM Two and Five E-com Centers.

The development of these properties was made possible with cutting edge technologies and best practices in high-rise engineering and construction of EEI.

Renewable energy efforts
EEI has also entered the power generation and energy industries. That includes the EEI Power Corp., a subsidiary and a proud member of the Yuchengo Group of Companies; and the EEI Energy Solutions Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary that was granted its own retail electricity supply (RES) license by the Energy Regulatory Commission. It is now active in the Competitive Retail Electricity Market.

As part of its commitment towards the utilization and deployment of clean and sustainable energy, EEI invested in several renewable energy companies that provide power through geothermal, solar and wind energies.

Logistics goes digital
Recently, EEI took part in the logistics and transportation sector through EEI Carga Digital Logistics Corporation (eCarga). eCarga is envisioned to be an online logistics solutions provider with digital platforms available to shippers and truckers to make delivery transactions efficient and easy.

eCarga utilizes several digital platforms that will serve hundreds of shippers, truckers and consignees operating in Luzon, for a more efficient flow of local cargo deliveries.