Vision, Mission and Core Values

Corporate Mission

We will:

  • Invest in high-growth industries relevant to nation-building
  • Provide maximum synergies and integration within YGC.
  • Ensure that our subsidiaries and affiliates are among the leading players in their respective industries, offering quality products and services
  • Provide the best opportunities to our employees that will enable their continuing professional and personal growth.
  • Conduct business in a manner mindful of the sustainability towards the long term benefits to YGC and to Philippine society.

Corporate Vision

We will be a respected, relevant and dynamic player that contributes to the Philippine social and economic development, committed to innovation and excellence, generating value for all our stakeholders.

Core Values

Passion for Excellence

  • Striving to be great and not just good
  • Continuously improving results

Sense of Urgency

  • Doing things fast
  • Taking the initiative to respond to the needs of various stakeholders.

Professional Discipline

  • With strong work ethic
  • Deserving of others’ trust and respect
  • Using company resources prudently
  • Acting with fairness and objectivity
  • Being accountable for one’s actions


  • Actively tapping areas of synergy
  • Communicating and collaborating towards common goals.


  • A good corporate citizen
  • Pursuing corporate interests as one’s own
  • Speaking well of the company and taking pride in its achievements