eCarga: A new digital logistics platform for shippers and truckers

Date Published: October 6, 2021


Truck delivery services will be more accessible in a few taps with EEI Carga Digital Logistics Corporation, more known as eCarga, a Filipino-made digital logistics platform backed by EEI Corporation.

eCarga uses several online platforms to provide logistics solutions and make the delivery process convenient and efficient for shippers, truck owners, and drivers.

“EEI Carga was formed to address the demand from shippers, who are looking for convenient ways to reach professional truckers in the fulfillment of their cargo transport needs within Luzon,” said Sean Pestano, eCarga Commercial and Marketing Head.

For their delivery needs, shippers simply need to create a request thru an app, which will be received by the registered truck owners. The owner who will accept the delivery first will get the assignment and then task it to one of his or her drivers.

The eCarga mobile app for shipper allows booking of cashless cargo delivery service, by providing the necessary shipping details. The app also enables shippers to track their delivery requirements. eCarga adopted stringent data protection measures and made an intensive accreditation process in onboarding truck owners to ensure the security and quality of its delivery service for shippers at a competitive price.

For every successful delivery transaction, eCarga guarantees healthy returns for truck owners. The digital logistics solutions provider also makes sure that owners can easily manage their truck operations. The truck owner’s platform, accessible via the website, lets them receive requests from shippers and access Fleet and Schedule Management.

Truck owners can operate efficiently and productively with data-driven reports through eCarga’s fleet management platform, which allows them to oversee their fleet movement from eCarga shipper app bookings or offline job orders.

The drivers, meanwhile, will receive the delivery assignments from their respective truck owners through a mobile app, where they can view the assignment details.

eCarga also has an online platform for the eCarga Admin to supervise the entire platforms and its operations as well as to approve registrations, monitor deliveries, and store data about stakeholders.

Shippers can start connecting with a pool of professional truckers and avail a high-quality yet affordable cargo transport service via eCarga’s digital platform upon its soft launch on October 4.

“EEI Carga was born out of the market opportunity of matching shippers with reliable truckers in a convenient and safe way,” said eCarga President Cris Noel Torres. “The platform was developed with the users in mind and we aspire to be a trusted partner for all shippers regardless of whether it is a large corporate business or an MSME, as well as the go-to platform for truckers.”

Even just a new player, eCarga already works to extend its logistics capacities. Soon, it will launch another platform that will support backload service for a cost-effective truck delivery option for shippers. eCarga also looks into extending its platform to the business-to-business (B2B) market and increasing its capabilities to provide multi-modal digital logistics services — pursuing its vision to be a leader in digital logistics innovation.